Timberdon Gin (100% Authentic)


Distilled using traditional London Dry Gin method, Timberdon Gin is skillfully made with a selection of grains and juniper berries. Clear and refined, the Gin has a vibrant character and hearty balance with the pleasant fragrance of juniper.

Elegant, smooth and refreshing, Timberdon Gin is crafted to shine on its own and its remarkably balanced flavor makes it a perfect mix for cocktails.

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采用谷粮和杜松子,沿用传统伦敦杜松子酒工艺酿制而成,Timberdon酒液透明,纯净,酒香平衡,活泼鲜明,伴有杜松子的清香气息。优雅、柔顺、清爽,单独饮用味道醇美。由于味道平衡,Timberdon 也是调配鸡尾酒的最佳选择。

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