Timah Double Peated Blended Whiskey – Limited Celebratory Edition


As a multi-ethnic country, Malaysia is home to a wealth of cultural diversity and rich heritage. Our country is unique for its identity where we respect each other’s differences yet take pride in our sense of togetherness as one nation. This edition is created to celebrate and enjoy the Timah spirit through creativity and integration of cultures. This special packaging comes along with 1 x Timah Whiskey, 1 x Timah Tin-Mining Special Edition Glass, & 1 x Pair of Timah Original Cotton Socks.

TIMAH consists of a carefully crafted blend of two imported aged peated malts and a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin. These components are blended by a master blender, resulting in the distinctive taste of the TIMAH blend. TIMAH is a light, fruity whiskey that is a harmonious mix of primarily smoke, with a hint of a floral bouquet. It moves through a smokey palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish.

Timah Whiskey, Malaysia’s first double peated blended whiskey, was awarded a Silver Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, and a Gold Medal for Best Malaysian Whisky in the International Whisky Competition. In 2022, Timah Whiskey won Gold award for the “Best Tasting World Whisk(e)y in a Highball” from Beverage Testing Institute and Gold award at USA Spirits Rating.

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