Timah Double Peated Blended Whiskey (100% Authentic)(Free Gift Powerbank)


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TIMAH consists of a carefully crafted blend of two imported aged peated malts and a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin. These components are blended by a master blender, resulting in the distinctive taste of the TIMAH blend. TIMAH is a light, fruity whiskey that is a harmonious mix of primarily smoke, with a hint of a floral bouquet. It moves through a smokey palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish.

On the bottle is Captain Tristram Speedy whose colorful expeditions spanned a good part of the 19th century. The winds that carried him to Malaya saw him raise and commandeer Indian troops into the heat of the Larut Wars, stamping order to a decade-long conflict in Larut. A rogue spirit with a heart of honor, the enterprising Speedy was also known for his captivating, multi-faceted personality borne of exposure to cultures aplenty. Adventure was the home of this character, a globe-trotter that charts his own path of success for self and country, a trailblazer awash in the steamy tropical winds and swirling seas of the British frontier to the East.

The spirit of adventure captured in the feats of Captain Tristram Speedy is warmly encased in the light embers of Timah, a name which represents the enduring symbol of enterprise in Malayan history that led to cascades of development for the country at the dawn of the 20th century.

Unassuming notes for the nose make for an easy welcome to this dram, as a faintly floral flavor starts and is caravanned through for a breezy smooth finish. A robust intensity greets the senses with a playful thrill before subduing into a sweet lingering warmth. Timah is imbued with a peatiness and a fruitiness that stays bright wit­­hout undue intensity.

Timah Whiskey, Malaysia’s first double peated blended whiskey, was awarded a Silver Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, and a Gold Medal for Best Malaysian Whisky in the International Whisky Competition. In 2022, Timah Whiskey won Gold award for the “Best Tasting World Whisk(e)y in a Highball” and USA Spirits Rating.

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