Little Willy Merlot (100% Authentic)


This soft and approachable Merlot is fruit-forward with distint berry aroma finishing. Medium-bodied with well-integrated tannis, the balanced fruit and acidity make it an pleasantly succulent, smooth wine that will invite just another one. A vintage that is easy drinking that inspires how easily it's to rejoice and count the blessings we have in life. Pairs well with diverse range of food including poultry, beef, pork, lamb and cheese-based dishes.

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柔和的Little Willy Merlot是以果味为主的红葡萄酒,带有明显的浆果的芬芳。酒体适中,单宁柔和,果味与酸度平衡、顺滑、滋润,小酌一口让人爱不释手。让人轻易入口的年份,轻尝已能让人欢喜,简单轻易的感受生命的美好。适合搭配多种不同的食物,包括家禽类、肉类以及各种以乳酪烹饪的佳肴。

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