Ginger Wine (100% Authentic)


Made from fresh ginger and white wine, the mellow tasting Ginger Wine is produced using advanced technology and does not contain any flavoring, coloring or preservative. Ginger wine helps to dispel cold and excessive wind and is often used to treat flu, nausea, menstrual pain and other illness.

Apart from its anti-aging properties, it’s well known for its health benefits in lowering blood lipid, promoting better blood circulation as well as promoting healthy functions of the heart, kidney, digestive system, kidney and skin, hence supporting a healthy living for longevity.

Ginger wine is low in alcohol content but delivers a rich and mellow taste, thanks to its ginger ingredient. It’s especially good to consume the drink in the winter or when the climate turns cold to keep the body warm and healthy. In addition it also serves as a good choice of seasoning for dishes and soups.

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