Malaysia Durio – Durian (100% Authentic)


A premium Vodka Liqueur with the taste of Malaysia signature flavor-Durian, combined with shimmery color to create a glorious spiral galaxy effect through party bash. Awarded with Silver 2017 in International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) and Bronze 2017 in Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (Category: Liqueurs-Fruit-Rest of The World).

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威斯伏特加基底利口酒,富有马来西亚特色的果中之王-榴槤口味,一推出即荣获伦敦国际葡萄酒烈酒品评赛银奖(International Wine & Spirit Competition(IWSC) Silver 2017)以及国泰航空香港国际葡萄酒与烈酒品评大赛铜奖(Bronze 2017 in Liquers-Fruit-Rest of The World),缤纷闪烁的色彩结合了星系旋转效果,顺滑的口感让人身处清爽的热带雨林中!

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