Kharaso Vodka 24K Silver (100% Authentic)


Kharaso Vodka is named after the Russian word that means Beautiful Lady, Kharaso Original Vodka emanates the glamour combining the flavor of one of the best vodka with the shine of gold and silver leaves suspended. Produced with traditional Vodka method, it’s naturally clear and each distillation improves its taste. This exceptional Vodka is further perfected with the addition of edible 23K gold leaves, 24k silver leaves and 24K platinum leaves, making it the embodiment of elegance, luxury and tradition. Elegant and fine, it stands out from the others, creating magical sparkles when light strikes through the bottle and your glass.

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“Kharaso” 取自俄文“美丽女子”之意,华丽的结合了最美味的伏特加以及可食用金箔、银箔和白金箔的独特效果。使用传统伏特加工艺酿制,此酒精致而纯净,每一次的蒸馏皆让其口感更为细致,并添加了23K金箔、24K银箔与24K白金箔,乃高雅、奢华以及传统的完美体现。优雅、精致的Kharaso,酒杯在灯光的照耀下闪烁炫丽的光芒,波光粼粼,与众不同。

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